Monday, May 7, 2012

50 Cent Launches SYNC By 50 Headphones-and disses Beats by Dre

50 Cent took a swing at the Beats by Dr. Dre range of headphones as he launched his new SYNC by 50 wireless headphones. No stranger to ‘beef’, the hip-hop stars are now set to do battle in the lucrative headphone market. Launching the SYNC by 50 headphones under the SMS Audiobrand, 50 Cent said Beats by Dre headphones “break too easily & sound bass heavy”.

His headphones, he revealed, had been benchmarked against Bose and Sennheiser rivals – not a bad start. The end product is the SYNC by 50 headphones, which use Kleer wireless Bluetooth technology. Kleer promises “16-bit CD quality digital sound” and longer battery life. They also allow up to four pairs of headphones to connect to a single source, should you want to invite your mates round and sit listening to your own headphones…

The headphones also promise noise isolation, built-in remote controls, a bass boost option – a nod to Beats by Dre?! – and improved protection from external interference. The SYNC by 50 headphones claim a 15-18 hour battery life and will go on sale for £299 when they launch on May 1st.

50 Cent, speaking at the press launch, also promised more SMS Audio products to follow after the launch of the headphones.

Do With Mini Hair Straighteners

Fed up with the curls you've got?  Want to be like hundreds of other women who just have long, straight, lovely locks that tumble to their shoulders?  Hate the springy things that seem to sprout up with a life of their own and won't lay down even with the strongest holding mousse you can find?

Then you are definitely in the market for hair straighteners.The thing to do when you decide what kind you might like, as in name brand, is to do some market research on hair straighteners.  They all have good and bad hair straighteners points, but what you want to do is find one that has enough of the good points that make it workable for you to give it a try.Price is also a consideration, so that is another reason to comparison shop online and in stores prior to making the purchase decision.  Really, it's your hair and if you want to do something different with it, then go for the gold girl.

You just want to make certain you don't go and buy something you will have problems with.  For instance, you don't want to get a hair straightener with squared off edges (even if it IS cheaper than another model).  Why not?  Well those edges will leave you ghd straighteners with kinks in places you'd rather not have them if you keep it in your hair too long.  Kind of defeats the whole purpose of trying to have straight hair then doesn't it?Here's another hot tip...beware how hot the hair straightener gets.  This is important for ghd nz two reasons.  One: too hot will cook your hair and make it sizzle.

That means you're cooking out what moisture there is in your hair.   Two: having the iron too hot will dry your hair out even more.  These irons get hotter than boiling water, and if you aren't careful you can do a lot of damage.Another thing you might want to do before buying one of your own is ask around with your girl friends and see who else might be using hair straighteners and find out what they think of them.  Then ask if you can borrow one for a short time to just give it a try.  No harm done.  And if you decide you like the results, then you can head out and buy your own model and have the straight do you've been dreaming about.

GHD Hair Dressing Tool In The Current Fashion World

Now a days in the changing fashion world we can achieve a lot of hair dressing tools. The manufactures of the hair dressing products are more conscious in giving variety in usage, for the betterment of their product. In this era of fashion people like different types of hair style, like straight with curly hair. The producers of the hair dressing tools have to ghd hair present an item to meet the demands of the customers. Instead of a specialized tool, people prefer a flexible styling option.

Hair straightening tool is an example. It is not only a tool for straightening the hair but also a tool for some styling like curling, flipping and crimping. People never buy two products such as hair straightening iron and curling iron if they get the both hair straightener option in one product.GHD flat iron hair straightener is such an enhanced product. It gives the flexibility of styling, as they can be used for straightening, curling, flipping and crimping. With the support of better technology and features, it incorporates a lot of amazing features. The ceramic heating technology is used in GHD hair straightener.

It helps in removing cuticles and the natural moisture in hair remains ghd ireland locked. As the result hair gets smoother and shiny. It is a less electricity consumption product as it is heating up faster. Auto power cut is another technology that also helps in lesser consumption of the electricity. The auto power adjustment technology is another option that is used in the GHD iron.

This technology prevents the damage of the hair as the iron gets overheated. GHD hair dressing tool is a user friendly tool. It can meet all your needs. So before going to get a hair dressing tool, GHD flat iron can be your first choice. Remember there is no better choice than GHD

You will come across so many stylish features in this device

Ceramic hair irons can be found in large number today owing to its significant demand among people who are conscious about the health of their hair while styling. Those who are not aware of the benefits of ceramic flat irons make the big mistake of choosing any of the rods available in the market with the impression that all of them are created equal.

If you are hunting for something that can never harm a single strand of your hair and can offer you with the same gorgeous locks that you have always dreamt of, then it is always recommended to go for a GHD ceramic flat iron.GHD ceramic flat iron is not a new name in the industry as it is being used in large number by both popular hair stylists as well as common people. Included hair straightener with several amazing technologies, this tool is designed to provide you with several wonderful hairstyles that can change your style and personality. You will come across so many stylish features in this device that offer maximum comfort and hair protection while styling. You can straighten and curl your hair at any time to dress yourself quickly for any urgent party call.

Fast styling being the main feature of these stylers; they are highly preferred by women who have a busy schedule.Offering multiple styling options, GHD ceramic flat irons serve to address ghd flat iron all your hair styling requirements, that ghd,best hair straighteners too within the shortest possible time. You can change the barrel to accomplish the particular style that you need to. You can change the curls of your hair to come with a new hairstyle occasionally. By following the proper instructions, you can wonderfully style your hair to get the appeal of your favorite celebrity.

You can experiment with different styles and then choose the best style suited for you. The presence of advanced ceramic plates makes the styling process highly safe and effective. Your hair is safe from any sort of heat damages and the variable heat setting feature integrated in the device enables any user to adjust the temperature to suit their hair. With so many safety features, you may not have to worry of any kind of hair issues after frequent styling.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monster Beats Details

Beats by Dr Dre is the Headphones designed by the rap/ hip hop musician Dr. Dre. These are introduced as the complimentary solution for the Music lovers and composers. These are incorporated with high definition digital speaker and noise canceling technology. These head phones use 2AAA batteries to work and ensures the maximum scope of listening capacity.

Beats by Dr Dre headphones are integrated with the monster cable to enhance the functioning by providing uniform transmission of the sound and electricity. Beats by Dr Dre head phones enriches the quality of the music by enabling the customers to listen the deep bass and low frequency sounds very clearly. The clarity provided by this monster head phones is highly remarkable and justifies the efforts of the composer, by making the people to listen even minute sounds produced in the music. In the earlier days, the music system and its aids failed to make the listener to listen the music as it is by the composer. This has left most of the composers with dissatisfaction and de motivation.

After witnessing these problems, Dr. Dre who is a Hip Hop singer and composer had stepped ahead to give an appropriate solution for this problem. In that course of a solution for that problem, he had introduced monster Dr Dre

head phones to increase the clarity of the music. Monster Beats by Dr Dre head phones are typically designed with stretchable head band and available in different variants such as studio, solo, solo HD, over ear, beats pro and power beats sports headphones. These are very much comfortable to wear over the ears and economical too. There are several outlets across the world offering these head phones, one can also purchase them through online by logging into the website of the company.